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Sarasota County Fire Department offers their customers a free, fast and easy service to make convenient and secure online credit card payments to either False Fire Alarms, Fire Inspections, or Special Events.

  1. Complete the form below and click Pay Now Sarasota County Fire Department.
  2. Enter in the credit card information and provide an email address for a copy of the receipt.

For billing questions pertaining for false fire alarms, alarm type, causes, fines, life safety inspections, special events or other questions, please contact Sarasota County Fire Prevention at 941-861-2290. For payment inquiries ONLY, please contact 941-861-0646. Sarasota County uses a third-party contractor for online billing of Emergency Medical Services(EMS). For questions about billing or payment plans, please contact Intermedix Customer Service toll-free at 1-888-987-0709.

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